PopTop Camper Van Seat FAQs

Can I fit a camper van bed seat myself?

The short answer is yes however there are plenty of companies who will provide a good service at competitive prices. If your budget is low it is best to either wait till out of season where installation costs will reduce, or you can fit it yourself, with help from our instruction package and technical help line. Many customers fit their own and once they have fitted the first one, realise that it was far from difficult. We are available to provide support and advice over the phone if you require assistance.

How do I position my campervan seat?

Firstly decide where you would like to put the seat by placing it inside the vehicle. Then measure from the fixing bars at the base of the seat to the end of the vehicle. Now measure the same distance underneath the vehicle and check to ensure that there are no obstacles that would prevent the fixing plate from being fixed into place. Once you have decided on the position hold the fixing plate in place and mark the drill points through the holes with a piece of chalk (paint/tipex). Drill a small hole through the centre of your marks as a guide and then check that everything lines up before drilling the full sized hole and finally bolting the camper van seat bed into place.

Are there any special requirements to consider?

Yes. Take care to ensure that you use the spreading (fixing) plates on the underside of the vehicle. These help to distribute the pull loading on the seat bed and are important. Do not secure the seat bed directly to the floor without the spreading plate as it could risk the safety of the van and its occupants. You should also ensure that the floor is solid and in good condition. The strength of the fixing is only as good as its weakest point so a rusted floor could also risk the safety of the van and its occupants.